A Guide To Whey Protein Supplements For Weight Training

The ultimate sports nutrition guide to whey protein and supplements to build lean muscle and lose body fat

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- Have a good understanding of protein and other fitness supplements.
- Understand how supplements work and what effect they will have on the body.
- Understand the importance of protein and how much is needed for the individual.

What you'll learn

Have a good understanding of protein and other fitness supplements.
Understand how supplements work and what effect they will have on the body.
Understand the importance of protein and how much is needed for the individual.
Learn money saving tips when buying supplements.
Learn to avoid marketing scams when buying supplements
Improve your physique with the aid of the correct supplements
Improve your training/workout routines with the correct supplements

* Requirements

* No prior knowledge is required


Do you want to improve your physique?

Do you want to lose body fat?

If so, a good understanding of sports nutrition and protein based supplements is imperative.

Has your training reached a plateau and you do not know what to do?

Do you want to give your workouts a boost?

If so, there will be supplements that will help you reach your goals.

Do all the different kinds of whey proteins and supplements available cause confusion?

Do you find yourself getting lost in the marketing hype around protein and sports nutrition supplements?

If so, you need this course! 

In this course will teach you how much protein you need for optimum muscle building and fat loss.

I will teach you about the different types of protein and what is right for you.

I will help you understand the timings of when to take protein.  This is key to muscle growth!

I will also teach you about the main key supplements that will help with weight training, fat loss, body building and general health&fitness.

Let me explain more;

Many years ago the supplement industry was fairly small.  The only protein supplements available were a few protein powders from a specialist store.

Today it is very different.  Supplements can be purchased on line and in many local food stores.  There are many different brands and products.  It can very confusing!

The supplement industry is full of false marketing with fake claims and over priced products.  Most of them either will not work or they will not work as claimed.  The fitness magazines and internet pages are full of adverts selling the next best miracle supplement.

This course cuts through all this!

In this course I cover the key sports and nutrition supplements that do work. 

I will cover whey and other protein powders, weight gainers, fat loss supplements, testosterone boosters and other key bodybuilding and fat loss supplements.

I will teach you the science behind sports supplements and how they work.

I will explain what effect they will have on your body and what results you are likely to see.

I will teach you how much to take and I will show you how to avoid marketing scams,

Most importantly I will teach you have to save money when buying sports supplements and protein powders.

You will be able to walk into a health store and immediately have a good understanding of the main products on sale.  You will know what they do, if they work and how much they should cost.

What's included?

  1. 15 short, easy to digest modules.

  2. 1.5 hours of instructional video.

  3. Unlimited access to any future course revisions.

  4. A full 30 day money back guarantee.

Thank you for showing an interest in this course.

I'm convinced that anybody who is interested in weight/fitness training will benefit greatly from this course.

This price will increase shortly on this new offer. So please take advantage of this now.

All you need to do is click on the link provided.

Many thanks


Who this course is for:

  • A person interested in building muscle
  • A person wanting to lose body fat
  • A person interested in fitness and weight training
  • A person interested in diet and nutrition

Course content

1 sections • 15 lectures

Introduction Preview 03:38

Food v Supplements Preview 03:20

Protein and How Much? Preview 06:45

Whey Protein Preview 07:31

Casein Protein Preview 06:31

Other Protein Powders Preview 05:05

Weight Gainers Preview 05:20

Amino Acids Preview 06:36

Pre Workout Supplements Preview 05:46

Post Workout Supplements Preview 04:28

Fat Burners Preview 04:53

Testosterone Boosters Preview 06:55

Creatine Preview 10:24

Vitamins and Minerals Preview 06:24

Conclusion and Thank You Preview 00:57