Nutrition For Athletes

A comprehensive beginners introduction to nutrition for sport and exercise (e-book included)

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.6

- Understand how the body adapts to training
- The psychology of healthy eating
- Sweat rates
- hydration and how much to drink

What you'll learn

Understand how the body adapts to training
The psychology of healthy eating
Sweat rates
hydration and how much to drink
How to eat before
during and after excercise
The science of carbs
vitamins and minerals
How to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass

* Requirements

* This course is designed for people with an interest in nutrition
* sport and exercise
* No prior knowledge of nutrition is required


Are you interested in sport nutrition? Maybe you're an athlete or a coach, or a student or a lifelong learner looking to understand more about how nutrition and exercise affect our bodies.

If so, this is the course for you. We will look at how the body adapts to training and why nutrition is vital to this process. We will look at macros (carbohydrate, proteins and fats), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) but we will also look at:

  • How to construct a healthier diet

  • Calculate your personal nutritional requirements

  • Manage your hydration

  • Fuel appropriately for exercise and competitive sport

  • Understand the psychology of healthy eating

Taught by Chris Worfolk, qualified psychologist, British Triathlon coach, author of The One-Hour Guide to Sport Nutrition, Ironman triathlete and ultramarathon runner.

This course is accredited by IOATH and you will receive a free copy of the e-book edition of Chris's book when you join the course.

Watch the video or check out our preview lessons to get a taste of what is inside.

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Who this course is for:

  • Professional and amataur athletes looking to understand their diet and improve their performance
  • Coaches looking to support their athletes with nutrition
  • Anyone who loves health, sport, exercise and nutrition

Course content

15 sections • 85 lectures

The five athlete types Preview 04:15

Basal metabolic rate Preview 03:22

Energy requirements Preview 03:53

Physial activity expenditure Preview 03:04

Daily energy requirements Preview 03:02

Athlete's diet pyramid Preview 02:19

Introduction to physiology Preview 00:14

Energy systems Preview 09:23

How muscles work Preview 03:55

Types of muscle fibre Preview 03:00

Principles of overload Preview 03:28

Simple carbohydrates Preview 02:42

Complex carbohydrates Preview 03:43

Metabolising carbohydrates Preview 03:10

Sugar rush Preview 03:17

Carbohydrates summary Preview 00:37

Lipids and fatty acids Preview 03:33

Fats in food Preview 01:39

Fat as fuel Preview 05:06

What are proteins? Preview 01:10

Protein quality Preview 02:10

Protein intake Preview 02:06

Protein and health Preview 02:10

Protein supplements Preview 01:45

Protein summary Preview 00:23

What are micronutrients? Preview 00:42

Micronutrient taxonomy Preview 03:37

Dietary reference values Preview 02:35

Do athletes need more micronutrients? Preview 03:21

Empty calories Preview 01:54

Building your pyramid Preview 00:15

Diet composition Preview 02:59

High protein breakfasts Preview 01:14

Real food (vs processed food) Preview 03:22

Pervasiveness of processing Preview 01:51

Organic food Preview 02:56

Genetically modified food Preview 02:51

Tracking apps Preview 00:38

How much water should I drink? Preview 01:15

Water balance Preview 01:14

Where does my water come from? Preview 02:21

Is thirst a good signal? Preview 02:52

What should I drink? Preview 03:44

Calculate sweat rate Preview 03:10

Sweat rate template Preview 00:13

Energy balance Preview 02:31

Obesogenic environment Preview 02:49

What drives appetite? Preview 10:38

Promoting satiation Preview 01:26

How fast can I lose weight? Preview 03:56

Which diets work? Preview 01:33

Cookbooks and recipes Preview 00:15

Sport-specific nutrition Preview 00:38

Pre-workout Preview 02:30

During a workout Preview 04:30

Post-workout Preview 03:09

Sport-specific products Preview 02:44

Training your stomach Preview 01:04

Which supplements work? Preview 03:16

Chris's nutrition strategies Preview 04:23