Simplicity Practicality Of Ancient Wisdom On Health

Why Aging Before Aging age? What does measured Blood Pressure represent ? Complex Medical Theory helpful? Diabetes ?

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- - Realization that a lot of things we accepted without going deeper to understand Why and How?
- - Realization that there is a totally different perspective to our belief system we never question
- - Awareness that there is light in the tunnel

What you'll learn

- Realization that a lot of things we accepted without going deeper to understand Why and How?
- Realization that there is a totally different perspective to our belief system we never question
- Awareness that there is light in the tunnel
- Feel motivated wanting to learn more for better well being

* Requirements

* Although all the courses in this series are inter-related
* this course can be studied by itself first.


This video course is for creating greater awareness of our built in belief system about our health and our body system, in what way we should re-examine and challenge such unconscious belief system.

Underneath our Belief System, unconsciously we believe that scientific advancement will solve our health problems, cure all the diseases.

Indeed 200 years of western medical science has evolved into more sophistication with great deal of technological input. There are more research, more discoveries, which overrule the previous discoveries.

But does our health get better? Do we build less and less hospitals? Do we have complete treatment without any more life long medication?

Perhaps, we have missed out something more fundamental. Something of Simplicity and Practicality.

This video course is created, first with the current western science and western medicine understanding about our health and our body system, then, we super-impose some of the ancient wisdom concepts and theory to illustrate the Simplicity and Practicality of the ancient wisdom on health.

With this video, perhaps you can appreciate more the notions of Simplicity Vs Complexity, become more conscious of our thinking pattern, that more complexity may not bring forth more health, and start to be more aware Simplicity also means Simple Life.

You will be motivated to explore more the total and integrated holistic theory offered by the ancient wisdom.

Who this course is for:

  • Hold the belief that your body is a healing system itself when you know how to activate the healing power.
  • Deeply curious about life, well-being, manifesting potentials, health, and the universe.
  • In spite of challenges, poor performances, illnesses, you are determined to learn daily life cultivation towards total wellbeing.

Course content

9 sections • 39 lectures

Ancient Wisdom application on Today Challenges Preview 01:15

What is Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic? Preview 04:20

Background of Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic Preview 02:20

Nice to Meet You Preview 00:40

Teacher's Profile Preview 01:15

Purpose of the Discussion Preview 01:29

Aging, High Blood Pressure, Complexity Preview 01:31

Why Aging Before Aging age? Preview 04:19

How Western Medicine treats aging? Preview 02:39

What if you lay on bed playing Facebook all day long, every day? Preview 01:48

Is Energy something real or just a Concept? Preview 02:37

The concept of Qi Blood Preview 07:38

What does measured Blood Pressure represent exactly? Preview 03:12

Heart as Pump & Blood Pressure Preview 04:17

How does Yellow Emperor explain heart pumping? Preview 04:36

Complex Medical Theory is more superior? Preview 00:51

About Diabetes & Blood Sugar Preview 04:04

How does Yellow Emperor understand Diabetes Preview 03:20

Organs Hold Emotions Preview 02:22

Organs have Personality Preview 01:31

Organs Have Food affinity Preview 01:48

Ancient Wisdom : Simplicity, Practicality & Raising Consciousness Preview 00:59

Discussion on Qi, Blood and Body Fluids Preview 13:51

Qi Blood concept used in "Why aging before the Aging age?" Preview 04:26

Qi-Blood Vs Energy / Nourishment Preview 01:32

Energy is required for all performances and activities Preview 01:14

Where do we get energy from for our body? Preview 04:45

What is energy in the human body? Preview 02:42

Carbohydrate helps athletic performance? Preview 03:45

How many calories do I burn sleeping? Preview 03:00

Which organ uses the most energy? The Brain Preview 04:30

Your brain is 85% water Preview 01:01

Brain needs 20% energy & is 85% water : implication of stroke, dementia etc. Preview 01:23

Learning Points Preview 02:38

Holistic Framework for Healthy Mind, Body and Emotions. Preview 04:47

More Examples on ancient theories application Preview 00:08

Many kinds of cancer, but why no heart cancer? Preview 11:00

Understanding Diabetes from East and West Preview 24:56