Cpa Marketing 101

Learn everything about CPA to earn at least $1000 every month from home working only 2 hours a day.

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- Make at least $1000/month Guaranteed Passive income!
- Get accepted to any CPA Network you want.

What you'll learn

Make at least $1000/month Guaranteed Passive income!
Get accepted to any CPA Network you want.

* Requirements

* Computer and internet access.


This is a step by step Guide For Making a Passive Income with CPA Marketing

This course is for newbies and Professionals who are struggling to make money online.With this course get into any CPA networks you want including MaxBounty, Neverblue, Peerfly etc,We GUARANTEE that you will make money after finishing this course if you follow the steps mentioned.

What You Will Learn

The course is designed to teach you:

  • How to become a CPA marketing expert from scratch
  • How to find high converting offers from OfferVault
  • How to get into any CPA network GUARANTEED
  • How to select offers from a CPA network
  • The list of the top CPA networks
  • How to get targeted traffic from Free methods
  • How to get high converting traffic from Paid methods
  • Exclusive bonuses that will blow your mind off

Who Should Take This Course

Beginner's guide to making money online with internet marketing.

If you have any questions, you can ask us any time and we will always be there to answer your questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Intended for anyone interested in making money from home and learning how to build an online business. No prior experience required.

Course content

5 sections • 21 lectures

Intro Preview 03:56

In this specific video, you will be given a quick overview of the video series as a whole, how it all works, what you will learn and you will need.

What is CPA? Preview 00:09

Learn what is CPA.

What is Offervault? Preview 01:02

In this video, you will exactly know what is offervault and what are the benefits of using Offervault

Offervault: Finding Targeted Offers Preview 12:49

In this video, you will know how offervault works and how you can find some profitable and sustainable offers that will make you a lot of money

List Of CPA Networks Preview 02:48

In this video you will get to see a huge list of CPA networks that you can work with. The list is also available for download.

Signing up Preview 06:42

In this video you will see how to sign up on a CPA network.

Affiliate AIM List Preview 02:40

Click here for the Affiliate AIM List.

Tips For Getting Approved Preview 07:50

In this video you will learn everything you need to know to get accepted in to any CPA Network you want. Make sure you download the document.

Choosing offers in Maxbounty Preview 10:53

In this video you will see how to choose offers in a CPA Network. I have used Maxbounty as example.

Free Preview 11:06

In this video, I explained some of the great free methods that will make you some money without any investment.

Paid Preview 10:06

After completing this video, you will know what are the best paid methods to drive traffic to your offers with some little investment.

Exclusive Traffic Generation Techniques Preview 01:26

Download all these methods and make sure you read each and every one of them. We want you to succeed and make a permanent income from CPA. Stick to the ones that work best for you or suits you the most. Thanks for taking this course. Best of luck!

Blogging Preview 01:43

Content Locking Preview 01:55

Craigslist Preview 02:51

Facebook Groups Preview 01:32

Forum Preview 02:03

Offline Advertising Preview 01:38

Torrent Preview 02:00

Twitter Preview 03:34

Yahoo Answers Preview 01:28