Whiteboard Animation Videos For Science And Education

Learn how to record your voice and produce a beautiful whiteboard video with custom graphics

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.7

- Produce voiceovers of quality and mix them with music
- Produce whiteboard videos

What you'll learn

Produce voiceovers of quality and mix them with music
Produce whiteboard videos

* Requirements

* You should be able to use a computer at a beginner level
* Basic knowledge with vector graphic software is beneficial but not required



This course it targeted to students, researchers, science communicators and educators who want to learn how to communicate their message using beautiful and fun whiteboard videos. 

Whiteboard videos are the easiest type of animation to make and have the proven capacity to engage and hook-in your audience.

In this course, I will first teach you how to record your voice and make a great voiceover with background music. Second I will guide you through the interface and functioning of the entry-level animation software Videoscribe. I will show you how to create custom graphics to use in your animation and finally how to export your animation to YouTube or other platforms.

It took me years to accumulate all this knowledge. Now I packaged it all in this short course for you! What are you waiting for? Enrol and start learning! :)

Who this course is for:

  • Students, researchers, science communicators and educators that want to learn how to produce a simple yet effective whiteboard style video to explain complex ideas

Course content

5 sections • 20 lectures

Course intro and summary Preview 02:27

This video introduces the course. You will find out if this course is right for you, the content of the course and a little bit about your teacher.

Introduction to whiteboard videos Preview 08:04

  • The science of whiteboard videos (PPT)
  • Introduction to Videoscribe 
  • Animation workflow

Recording a voice over Preview 10:27

  • What you need: hardware
  • Considerations on recording environment
  • Recording in videoscribe or not
  • Two software options: Audacity and Audition

Voice over in Audacity (Free software) Preview 08:02

  • What you need: Audacity software
  • Recording and editing in Audacity 
  • Adding background music in Audacity 

Voice over in Audition CC (Paid software) Preview 10:50

  • Download Adobe Audition or not?
  • Recording and editing in Adobe Audition 
  • Adding background music in Adobe Audition 

Interface basics Preview 06:29

Adding a voiceover and matching visuals Preview 03:35

Adding text Preview 01:18

Videoscribe bitmap vs vector Preview 03:55

Using Videoscribe's library Preview 03:55

Using bitmap images in videoscribe Preview 03:03

Changing hand Preview 02:37

Changing background Preview 02:20

Adding charts Preview 01:48

Illustrator and Inkscape Preview 01:45

Pen and pencil tool Preview 05:02

Fills and strokes Preview 03:57

Creating an SVG file Preview 10:37

Create vector graphics in inkscape Preview 03:53

Putting it all together Preview 07:33

  • Time the drawings
  • Zoom out function at the end of video
  • Preview, save and export