Neuromarketing Masterclass The Complete Guide

Learn how marketers are applying Neuromarketing principles in advertising, product design, packaging, placement etc

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- How do consumers make decisions
- How does the brain and subconscious thinking work
- Strategies used by marketers to influence decisions

What you'll learn

How do consumers make decisions
How does the brain and subconscious thinking work
Strategies used by marketers to influence decisions
Key elements that need to be kept in mind while influencing consumer decisions
Fundamentals and advanced principles of neuromarketing
How can neuromarketing principles be applied to various areas of work
Differences between traditional marketing and market research approaches and neuromarketing

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Neuromarketing is taking the marketing world by storm. It’s a new discipline that is very quickly evolving the way marketers are influencing consumers and their buying decisions. Neuromarketing leverages three core disciplines of marketing, market research, and brain science. The reason why Neuromarketing is rapidly becoming popular is that it leverages how the human brain reacts and responds to specific marketing incentives. This ensures that the marketing efforts and their effectiveness is well measured and accurate.

Neuromarketing leverages research using a wide array of cutting-edge and innovative ways through biometric and brain signals to examine consumer behavior and create relevant marketing strategies. The rapid increase in the uptake of neuromarketing across various business domains and applications across industries is making it imperative that marketers take heed and start applying them to their businesses as well.

This course will provide a very comprehensive guide on this new way of neuromarketing. Whether you are exploring implementing neuromarketing in your organization or wanting to up your knowledge on this new phenomenon, this is the right course for you. Through this course, you will get to learn:

. Why do people buy what they buy

. Factors that go in the decision-making process

. Cognitive principles which shape decisions

. Role of emotions

. Key elements of the consumer behavior

. How are companies applying the neuromarketing principles

. How do marketers influence the decisions of consumers

. Insights into the functioning of the human brain

. Why are marketers preferring neuromarketing over the traditional marketing approaches

. Core tenets and drivers of neuromarketing

. Difference between neuromarketing and traditional marketing approaches

. Journey of the evolution of neuromarketing and its history

. Core elements of neuroscience, behavioral economics, social psychology, and marketing

. Application of neuromarketing principles across key areas of brand, product creation, advertising, shopping, online business, and entertainment

. Various modern measures of consumer responses like eye tracking, electro-dermal activity, response times, etc

. Four key steps in the consumer decision-making process

. Changes in the ways of measuring marketing effectiveness

. The Neuromarketing model for consumer thinking and behavior

. Application of neuromarketing principles across key business areas

. Impact on branding, product and packaging, design, and product testing

. Evolution of the buying process

. Impact of neuromarketing on online business and entertainment

. Ethical concerns arising out of developments

. Key benefits for consumers, marketers, and businesses

. Cutting-edge techniques and innovation in measuring consumer responses

. Future application of neuromarketing

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Who this course is for:

  • . Professionals who want to learn more about Neuromarketing
  • . Professionals who want to explore Neuromarketing as a career opportunity
  • . Professionals who want to explore implementing Neuromarketing in their organizations or for their products/services

Course content

4 sections • 21 lectures

Course Overview Preview 05:22

What is Neuromarketing Preview 04:18

History of Neuromarketing Preview 05:48

Building Blocks of Neuromarketing Preview 05:32

How are Marketers Using Neuromarketing Preview 07:28

Differences between Traditional Marketing & Neuromarketing Preview 09:02

Branding & Advertising Preview 04:49

Creating Better Products and Packaging Preview 05:23

Understanding Buying Patterns Preview 05:07

Online Marketing Preview 03:49

Creating Great Entertainment Content Preview 03:20

Ethical Concerns Around Neuromarketing Preview 06:32

Benefits of Neuromarketing Preview 02:18

3 Critical Elements of Neuromarketing Preview 04:50

Four Cognitive Principles that guide Consumer Behavior Preview 08:39

Understanding the Role of Emotions Preview 06:20

How Do Consumers Make Decisions Preview 08:26

Challenges with Traditional market research approaches Preview 05:29

Neuromarketing Techniques for Measuring Consumer Responses Preview 15:41

Future of Neuromarketing Preview 03:14

Course Summary Preview 03:09