Google Analytics 4 With Tag Manager

Learn to analyze GA4 reports, create custom reports & basic ecommerce data capture with Google Tag Manager

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.4

- Use Google Analytics 4 (latest version) reports for businesses
- Understand how to tailor the Google Analytics 4 account to fit custom business needs
- Understand the power of Analysis Hub - a new feature in Google Analytics 4

What you'll learn

Use Google Analytics 4 (latest version) reports for businesses
Understand how to tailor the Google Analytics 4 account to fit custom business needs
Understand the power of Analysis Hub - a new feature in Google Analytics 4
Capture custom data based on your business requirements using the Google Tag Manager
Practice assignment in the form of a GA4 and GTM configuration project on a real website
Learn the basic of enhanced ecommerce data implementation in this course.

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Google Analytics 4 is the future of Google Analytics, released in 2020 and going to be the mainstream version probably by the end of 2021. Therefore, it is time for all of us to be ready to master it. This course helps you achieve the same.

  1. We analyze all the reports in Google Analytics 4 – Acquisition reports, Retention Reports, Engagement Report, Events, Conversions, Monetization Reports

  1. We get a thorough understanding of the Analysis Hub for creating custom reports.

  1. We learn to install Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on a website and tailor the data in google analytics as needed by your business.

For the assignment, we have a project in which you install a website, the files for which are shared in this course, connect with google analytics and tag manager and we together attempt the customization activities. You don't have to do any coding whatsoever.

Therefore, all in all, this is truly a comprehensive course on Google Analytics 4 for you to gain mastery.

If you are not convinced yet, check out the open videos from the courses, check out the reviews on my other Udemy courses, and then make a decision.

Reviews from my other google analytics course:

5* The course was very well put together, The course instructor is very calm and composed and explains every aspect of the course with great detail and clarity. I will definitely recommend this course and Mr. Rudranil Chakrabortty to all Enhanced E-commerce enthusiasts.

5* Thank you for this course, it is very well structured and really insightful. I really enjoy it :)

5* Very Nicely explained & very well paced. What was amazing was the efforts taken to guide & enable us to deploy data layers & tags from our side on a website that makes this course outstanding & like on the job training for practice. It was very easy to understand & thank you for making such a wonderful course Rudranil. I have also purchased your other course on the enhanced e-commerce to learn & specialize more in depth on the ecom. Thank you & keep making more courses like this Rudranil.

5* This is such as great course that made me want to take the rest of Neil's course. I am indeed taking another one of his courses. The course content helped me configured our company's new website analytics. Neil's teaching style is very clear, structured, practical, industrial, and full of important contents. Neil does care about his students and very responsive to all the questions I have. Highly recommenced!

5* I totally loved the course content. I'd highly recommend it for all those learners who wish to learn they WHYs and the HOWs. Although, I'm not from analytical background and earlier I never believed in the power of Analytics due to my limited understanding, but this course really helped me to expand my horizons and look beyond traditional ways of doing things. Above all, the instant and detailed answers to all my questions by Rudranil was beyond my expectations. Thank You veyr much Rudranil :) All the best!

I hope to meet you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Google Analytics Beginners, Intermediate Learners
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • New Age Digital Startups
  • Web Analytics Enthusiasts

Course content

10 sections • 65 lectures

How to Approach this Course Preview 02:05

Why a new course on Google Analytics 4 Preview 03:37

Quick Google Analytics Installation Preview 15:18

Google Analytics 4 - Behind the Scenes Preview 13:17

Google Analytics 4 Demo Account from Google Preview 03:22

You can access this demo account (for understanding how the GA4 version displays data) provided by Google with real-time data populated from an e-commerce website

Organization of Reports in Google Analytics 4 Preview 10:27

User and Traffic Acquisition Report - I Preview 13:49

User and Traffic Acquisition Report - II Preview 14:20

Events, Conversions, and More - Concepts Preview 08:56

Event Report Preview 18:22

Conversion Report Preview 05:39

Page Engagement Report Preview 04:18

Engagement Overview - DAU, MAU. WAU Preview 10:45

Retention Report - Overview Preview 06:39

Retention Report and Cohort Analysis Concepts Preview 25:41

Demographic and Technology Report Preview 13:47

Completely Modify Google Analytics Reports and Layouts with Library Preview 12:30

Monetization Report Overview Preview 19:20

Comparison Feature and Insights in Google Analytics 4 Preview 05:26

Admin Settings, User Management, and Data Filters in Google Analytics 4 Preview 14:06

Real-time Report Preview 04:16

Google Ads Report Preview 03:26

Explore Reports, Metrics, Dimensions, and Segments Preview 14:34

Freeform Report Analysis Preview 15:06

Funnel Concepts Preview 09:39

Funnel Exploration Report Preview 17:27

Path Exploration Report Preview 12:53

Segment Overlap Report Preview 09:56

User Explorer Report Preview 09:10

Cohort Exploration Report Preview 11:24

Other Reports and Life Time Value of Users Preview 10:27

Attribution Modeling - Concept Preview 17:25

Attribution Modeling - Reports Preview 09:13

Create a New Google Analytics 4 Account Preview 08:25

Create a New Google Tag Manager Account Preview 04:38

A Case for the Need of Google Tag Manager Preview 15:53

Understand How Google Tag Manager Works Preview 07:58

Link the Website, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager Preview 16:48

Create an Event using the Google Tag Manager Preview 16:40

Understand the Preview Mode (Tag Assistant) in Google Tag Manager Preview 13:32

Understand the Debug View in Google Analytics 4 Preview 03:48

Optimize the use of Tags and Triggers in Google Tag Manager Preview 15:20

Understand Event Parameters - Concepts Preview 07:43

Understand Custom Metrics and Dimensions - Concepts Preview 03:59

Technique to Capture Event Parameters Preview 07:32

Advanced Use of Custom Metrics and Dimensions Preview 08:25

What is the Data Layer Preview 05:32

Configure Advanced Custom Metrics, Dimensions using Google Tag Manager Preview 20:40

How to push Data into the Data Layer Preview 06:59

Events and Conversions in Google Analytics 4 Preview 10:37

Understand User Properties and Audiences in Google Analytics 4 Preview 14:45

Configure User Properties and Audiences Preview 15:34

Understand User ID Tracking Fundamentals Preview 09:34

Implement User ID Tracking Preview 16:19

E-Commerce Implementation Basic Concepts Preview 07:03

Implementation Plan In Our Practice Website Preview 04:46

Implement The First Step of E-Commerce Data Collection Preview 17:51

Implement Product Views, Add To Carts And More - I Preview 13:01

Implement Product Views, Add To Carts And More - II Preview 06:25

Capturing Data Dynamically In The Ecommerce Implementation Preview 11:29

Web Application And Android Application Together In Google Analytics 4 Preview 14:39

Filter Internal or Unwanted Traffic from your Google Analytics 4 Account Preview 07:24