Beginners Mosaic Indirect Method

Learn mosaic design and approaches with the London School of Mosaic

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.6

- How to produce mosaics using the indirect method including cutting tiles
- laying tile
- turning and grouting a mosaic
- A brief history of the origins of mosaic
- How to correctly source and use the basic mosaic materials

What you'll learn

How to produce mosaics using the indirect method including cutting tiles
laying tile
turning and grouting a mosaic
A brief history of the origins of mosaic
How to correctly source and use the basic mosaic materials
The basics of andamento (the patterns made by the tiles and the gaps between them)

* Requirements

* You must have a space in which to work
* this could be an outside space
* a garage or shed
* or a clear kitchen


We run a professional mosaic school in London called the London School of Mosaic, and we have put our expertise into an online short course showing you how to create beautiful mosaics. This is an introductory course and with our experience we are hoping to teach hobbyists and artisans alike a new skill. We will take you through the whole process step by step and regardless of your experience, by the end of this course, you will have the fundamentals of the indirect method of mosaic, as well as two beautiful pieces to show your friends and family.

Over this course we will take you through how to produce mosaics using the indirect method. We will teach you by making two mosaics of different designs along with you, and describing the steps as we go.

We will also let you know where to find the necessary materials needed to make a mosaic, how to draw designs, show you contemporary mosaicists making beautiful work right now, a selection of professional finishes for your mosaic and hopefully you will enjoy yourself along the way.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner craftspeople looking to learn a new skill
  • Beginner mosaicists looking to learn the indirect method
  • Anyone looking to test out a new hobby

Course content

11 sections • 34 lectures

Introductions Preview 02:27

An introduction to The London School of Mosaic, Dr Silvie Jacobi and Joe Moss.

The Indirect Method Preview 01:19

An introduction to the indirect method of making mosaics.

Sourcing Materials Preview 00:48

We will show you where to where to source materials, what materials you need, and introduce you to the material pack. We created the material pack to ensure you are able to purchase the majority of the materials needed to make both mosaics demonstrated on this course at a discount. This offer is supported by The Mosaic Workshop in Norwood, London, and due to shipping costs only works if you are based within the UK.

The Mosaic Material Pack Preview 00:46

Information and access to The Mosaic Material Pack, where you can order all the necessary materials to make both mosaics referred to in this course.

Material List Preview 02:47

A list of materials you need and where to find them, some you may already have, and some extras that are not included in The Mosaic Material Pack.

Learning Outcomes Preview 02:26

An outline of what you will learn over the course.

History Preview 03:12

An introduction to the history of mosaic

Contemporary Mosaicists Preview 03:04

A quick look at several contemporary mosaicists

Surface Types Preview 02:44

An introduction to various types of surface used for making the indirect method of mosaic

Adhesives Preview 02:27

A basic tutorial on choosing the right adhesive for your mosaic

Health and Safety Preview 02:28

Health and Safety considerations whist making a mosaic

Preparing Tiles Preview 02:29

In this section we show you how to remove fresh tiles from their backing.

Andamento Preview 07:11

An introduction to andamento and how it is used in a mosaic to create form.

Introduction to Grout Preview 01:45

An introduction to using grout in a creative way.

Choosing a Source Image Preview 01:33

What to look out for when you choose a source image

Pre-prepared Designs Preview 00:28

Pre-prepared designs in two different styles for you to copy as you begin your first mosaic.

Transferring the Design Preview 01:48

How to transfer your design onto brown paper

Drawing the Apple Preview 03:20

How to draw the details of the apple

Drawing the Geometric Design Preview 02:11

How to draw the geometric design

Types of tile Preview 03:32

The different types of tile, and how to produce a colour guide for large scale mosaics.

Andamento Study Guide Preview 00:26

An outline of the importance of Andamento and an attached reference image.

Cutting Tiles Preview 05:30

How to cut the basic shapes of tile required to make a mosaic.

Laying Tiles: Detail Preview 09:55

An in detail look at how you lay tiles for a mosaic

Laying Tiles: Mistakes Preview 02:51

An example of how you fix mistakes on a mosaic whilst laying tiles

Laying Tiles Preview 40:58

The crucial aspect of mosaic- how to lay your tiles using correct Andamento and colour theory to produce a brilliant design. Take your time, follow along with us, and in around 6 hours you will have something to be really proud of. Keep referring back to your designs and the Andamento study board and watch the way in which we work. Just remember we are well practised and this video has been sped up. Again, we expect this section will take you 6 hours for each mosaic, so expect to complete it over two or three sessions. Ease into it with a cup of tea and the radio on, on a weekend morning or afternoon and enjoy yourself!

Turn the Mosaic Preview 10:13

How to turn your mosaic from the brown paper on to the board

Cleaning up Grout and Cement Preview 03:52

How to build a sump to dispose of leftover grout, cement, and dirty water.

Removing the Paper Preview 03:53

How to remove the paper to reveal the final surface of your mosaic

First Pass Preview 03:29

In this section we show you how to begin grouting the surface of your mosaic to make it nice and flat.

Second Pass Preview 02:19

In this section we show you how to complete a second pass with grout.

Cleaning the Mosaic Preview 01:47

How to clean the surface of your mosaic after grouting.

Sanding the Edges of the Mosaic Preview 03:20

Sand the edges to achieve a nice neat finish.

Paint the Edges of the Mosaic Preview 03:06

For those who want to take the process even further, we show you how to paint the edges of your mosaic for a professional finish.

Well Done! Preview 02:55

How to assess your final artwork, and a big thank you and congratulations from us at the London School of Mosaic.