Productivity Smart Tips

Master time management and equip yourself with tools and strategies to be highly productive at work and home.

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.6

- Become organised
- focused and successful across your work and home life
- Remove all traces of stress
- overwhelm
- and disorganisation from your life
- Achieve goals you never thought were possible... and more!

What you'll learn

Become organised
focused and successful across your work and home life
Remove all traces of stress
and disorganisation from your life
Achieve goals you never thought were possible... and more!
Use time management
and assertiveness techniques in business and personal situations
Get promoted in work
and organised in life
Take back control of your inbox
and unproductive meetings
Stop procrastinating once and for all
Master to do lists
goal setting
and daily organisation

* Requirements

* No previous experience or equipment is needed
* You may want to print some of the materials
* A willingness to learn is essential!


Time Management & Productivity: Smart Tips

Master time management and equip yourself with tools and strategies to be highly productive at work and home.

Productivity is essential to get the most out of your life. Time is the only truly limited resource in the world and you can never make more of it! But… by using this Smart Tips course, you can make the best use of every single day. Time management doesn’t just mean getting more done, it means getting the right things done. The things that move you towards your goals, add value to your life at home and at work, and bring you success. So, if you want to be someone who is calm, organised and goal-orientated, then this course is perfect for you.

Welcome to Smart Tips: Productivity! In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new - fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. If you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.

In this course you'll learn practical techniques from short action-focused bitesize videos. We cover how to identify what is truly important to you, detailed tips for how to get better at saying no, delegating and negotiating, what you can do about interruptions to win back hours per week, overcoming procrastination and setting great goals, and even how to get the most out of meetings and your inbox! After this course you will be calm, efficient, goal-focused, and above all productive. No more rushing around all day and feeling like you achieved nothing, getting overwhelmed by balancing your work and home commitments, and dreading going in to your office. In fact - you could even be ready for a promotion or new areas of skill growth! We look at lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and give you practical tools you can use right away to get better results from every day.

I'm Chris Croft, your instructor for this course. I'm an international speaker and widely published author, and have been teaching time management to companies for over 20 years. I've taught all over the world, as well as online, and take an entertaining and practical approach to teaching. I guarantee this course will keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life-changing skills for home and work.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Minimise urgent panic tasks and focus on reaching your goals

  • Define what is truly important to you and where you want to spend your time

  • Create a calm and effective work environment

  • Find the time to spend solely on developing yourself

  • Master to-do lists, organisation, and goal setting

  • Identify and minimise interruptions and procrastination

  • Take back control of your inbox and meetings

  • Overcome overwhelm - get ahead of the game and feel balanced

  • And lots lots more!

By mastering productivity skills, not only will you pave the way for a future promotion, you'll also be happier in your home life! It’s time to truly identify what makes you happy and what you want your future to look like - then spend all day every day moving towards it.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are overwhelmed and exhausted by their responsibilities
  • Someone who is successful, but feels they could achieve even more
  • People who like a practical and honest approach to solutions
  • Those who feel like they are always busy but aren't progressing
  • Anyone who wants to get even more done!

Course content

13 sections • 67 lectures

Welcome to Smart Tips: Productivity! Preview 01:01

Meet the Trainer Preview 01:11

Discover which animal you are! Preview 01:48

Introduction: Prioritising Preview 00:55

The Difference Between Urgent and Important Preview 04:11

How to Get More Time for the Important Things Preview 03:19

What is Important or Urgent to You? Preview 02:41

Reduce the Amount of Crisis in Your Life Preview 02:30

The Test for Unimportance Preview 02:11

Introduction: Reducing the Unimportant Preview 00:22

Why Saying "No" is a Vital Skill (And How to Do It) Preview 03:28

You CAN Negotiate Over Time - Here's How Preview 02:56

Can you get better at delegating? Preview 03:06

Is it okay to say "yes" to something and then not do it? Preview 03:05

The Best Words to Use When You Say “No” Preview 03:55

Systems for Time Management Preview 02:20

Are you a perfectionist? Is that a good thing? Preview 03:35

Are you too nice? Should you change - could you change? Preview 04:41

Time Stealers - What Can Be Done? Preview 03:30

Introduction: Interruptions Preview 00:34

What are interruptions costing you? Preview 02:22

Dealing with Interruptions Assertively Preview 01:46

How To Set Up an Interruption-Proof Environment Preview 03:34

What’s Your Biggest Interruption? Preview 02:09

Reduce the Effect of Interruptions Preview 02:20

Introduction: Meetings Preview 00:36

How do you deal with meeting latecomers? Preview 05:29

Do These Two Things to Start a Meeting Preview 01:58

How to Keep a Meeting On Track Preview 03:15

How to Make Your Meetings More Effective Preview 02:36

How to Avoid Going to a Meeting Preview 03:00

Introduction: Procrastination Preview 00:51

How to Beat Your Habit of Procrastination Preview 04:17

Introduction: Goals Preview 00:36

The Power of Goals: How They'll Change Your Life Preview 03:38

How to Make Your Goals Easier to Achieve Preview 02:21

Make Your Goals More Effective By Refining Them Preview 04:13

Introduction: Lists Preview 00:38

Using Lists to Feel in Control and Lower Stress Preview 03:29

Why You Need Two Types of Lists Preview 03:41

Using Lists to Get Your Biggest Things Done Preview 01:59

Try a “Someday, Maybe” List Preview 02:01

Introduction: Diary Preview 00:21

What should be in your diary? Preview 03:25

Why Your Diary Should Never Be Full Preview 03:08

Never Forget Anything! Preview 03:09

Introduction: Repeaters Preview 00:23

No More Repeating Problems Preview 02:36

Set Up Systems to Deal with Regular Tasks Preview 03:29

The Alternative to Talking About Yourself Preview 03:24

Introduction: Emails Preview 00:57

Email: Is it possible to have an empty inbox? Preview 03:52

How to Set Your Email Up for Maximum Productivity Preview 02:19

Switching Off the Ping Preview 02:31

Tips for Writing Great Emails Preview 05:01

Introduction: Technology Preview 00:17

My Favourite Productivity App of All Time Preview 02:46

Use Excel to Boost Productivity Preview 04:04

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Typing Preview 04:59

Don’t Lose Everything! Preview 04:54

Introduction: Working Environment Preview 00:17

Tips for a Productive Workspace Preview 04:11

Filing: It's Underrated & Misunderstood! Preview 02:22

How to Set Up a “Can’t Decide” Box Preview 02:47

Reduce Distractions in Your Workspace Preview 03:49

Can you get rid of multitasking? Preview 02:56

How To Get Your Certificate Preview 01:38