How To Master Gmail

If you ever struggled keeping up with email this course will save your life

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.2

- Manage your inbox like a pro
- Learn how to automate up to 70% of email related tasks
- Reach inbox zero daily

What you'll learn

Manage your inbox like a pro
Learn how to automate up to 70% of email related tasks
Reach inbox zero daily

* Requirements

* All you need is a Gmail account and the desire to be in control of your inbox


Did you know with Gmail you can automate up to 70% of all your email tasks?

In this course I'll teach you the exact habits and workflows I've been using to reach inbox zero daily for 5 years in a row.

You will learn:

  • How to set up Gmail more maximum efficiency
  • The 10 step workflow that will double the speed at which you process email
  • How to reduce the amount of junk email that clutters your inbox to almost zero
  • How to automate the most tedious and repetitive email tasks
  • The best practices to outsource your inbox to a virtual assistant
  • The exact methodology I've used to hire the best possible virtual assistant

If you are like me checking your email is not only a daily chore, you could say it's even an addiction that consumes hundreds of valuable hours of our time every year.

The thing is as much as I hate email, dealing with it is a necessity in order to run my business. I used to struggle keeping up with it. My inbox was a mess with hundreds of emails that would go unread for weeks and sometime forever.

Eventually I had enough and decided to take control and find an effective way to manage my inbox. It took me a while to develop the right habits and figure things out but eventually I did and for the last 5 years I've been able to reach inbox zero every single day except for two trips (one to Machu Picchu and one to the Amazon jungle).

Is this course for you? If any of the following statements is true for you then the answer is yes.

- My inbox is a mess
- I have hundreds of unread emails
- I don't know how to automate anything in Gmail
- I don't know how to use labels
- I am constantly checking my email
- I don't know how to stop getting tons of junk mail
- I keep missing important messages
- I forget to reply to emails

Are you ready to finally take control over your inbox and show Gmail who is the boss?

It's time to Dominate Gmail!!!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for Gmail users that struggle with keeping up with email or that have been using Gmail for a while and are looking for solid strategies to manage their inbox more efficiently.

Course content

7 sections • 28 lectures

Introduction Preview 01:34

Welcome to Gmail Domination. I'm very excited to share with you the framework I've been using to consistently reach inbox zero or the last 5 years!

Inbox Zero Formula Preview 03:37

This is a simple yet powerful formula that explains the overall process to dominate Gmail,

The Complete Gmail Domination Blueprint Preview 05:02

Here is an overall look at the entire Gmail Domination blueprint for this course.
We talk about the right habits to be more productive with email and introduce the 10 step Gmail email processing workflow inspired in part by David Allen's GTD approach.

Gmail Processing Workflow Diagram Preview 03:26

We take a look at the Gmail processing workflow again in diagram format step by step so you can see the logic behind it.

How to apply the Gmail Processing Workflow Preview 09:21

Enough theory. The best way to learn is to put things into practice. In this lecture you will see how I apply the Gmail processing workflow on my actual Gmail account!

Section 2 - Quiz

How to unclutter your inbox Preview 05:57

Before you get all excited to learn all the tricks in this course we need to tune up your inbox so it runs like a lean mean email machine.

How to unsubscribe from Newsletters systematically Preview 02:14

You cannot escape promotional mass emails but you can use an effective approach to get rid of them systematically.

Turn Notifications Off Preview 01:35

All apps generate an insane amount of notifications and if you don't systematically turn them off you'll be drowned in a sea of useless email.

Section 3 - Quiz

How to use Filters to automate 70% of your inbox Preview 04:26

Learn how easy and powerful are Gmail smart filters and how can you use them to automate many of the boring and repetitive tasks of dealing with email.

How to speed up replies with canned responses Preview 01:42

If you find yourself writing the same email again and again you'll love how easy is to set up and create unlimited canned responses in Gmail.

How to create auto responders in Gmail Preview 02:19

Take canned responses to the next level and trigger them automatically based on the specific rules to set.
It takes two minutes and it will save you hundreds of hours of tedious copy and paste work.

Section 4 - Quiz

How to forward bills to your bookkeeper automatically Preview 02:17

We are not done with filters. The simplest way to delegate email is to forward it to a person that can deal with it.
It turns out that in Gmail you can also forward emails that meet whichever criteria you set automatically!

How to document your inbox procedures Preview 05:46

Before you hire a virtual assistant to help you with your inbox you need to document the exact procedures that she or he will need to follow. In this lecture I will teach you what are the main sections that you should include when documenting your inbox procedures.

The importance of setting clear communication guidelines Preview 02:31

Your assistant will be an extension of your brain but also of your brand and public image.
You must set clear rules as to the style and format of all outgoing communications.

5 recommended Virtual Assistant services Preview 03:10

There are many online platforms where you can hire virtual assistants to help you manage your email and perform all kinds of administrative tasks. Here is a list of five of those services.

Should you hire a virtual assistant via a platform or directly? Preview 05:04

Before you hire a virtual assistant is worth considering the pros and cons of going through an agency or hiring directly yourself.

Section 5 - Quiz

How to hire a great Virtual Assistant step-by-step Preview 03:57

The hiring process can be a bit overwhelming specially if you don't have a process to start with.

In this lecture I share the exact methodology I used to hire the best possible virtual assistant from more than 60 applicants.

How to design a fail proof job application process Preview 09:16

You will learn the exact process I created to attract, filter and select the best possible Virtual Assistants.
Hint: It involves forms, spread sheets, challenges and a love for all things geeky :)

How to craft a task challenge to test the skills of your future Virtual Assitant Preview 09:44

In this lecture I share with you the actual 1 hour task challenge I asked the top 10 applicants to perform.
Not all of them were able or willing to complete it but the results were well worth the effort!

Section 6 - Quiz

6 Gmail Add-ons that will take your productivity to the next level Preview 05:16

There are literally thousands of add-ons for Gmail but here you have 6 that come highly recommended.
The last one may save your life!

What is next? Additional Resources Preview 02:02

Here are some recommended books, videos, articles, and resources that will help you be more productive with Gmail and in life in general.

Bonus Lecture! Preview 01:23

Welcome to the last lecture! We'll go over the main points covered in the course and to celebrate you made it all the way here I'll give you a little bonus present :)

More Grumo Courses and Discount Coupon Preview 03:02

If you didn't get enough of me and my funny accent I have good news for you.
I have a lot more courses on Udemy. In this lecture I tell you a bit about them and at the end I'll give you a coupon so you can get them for a lot less. Enjoy and thanks so much for sticking with me till the end! The Force Be With You!!!