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The BEST online iOS 9 Swift 2 course online. Lets learn iOS 9 & Swift 2

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.1

- Apply to Jr iOS development jobs
- Build apps at your current development job
- Master iOS 9

What you'll learn

Apply to Jr iOS development jobs
Build apps at your current development job
Master iOS 9
Master Swift 2
Build and release iOS 9 & Swift 2 apps to the Apple App Store

* Requirements

* Mac or PC running OSX
* You should be very familiar with computers and Mac OSX
* You should be able to type at least 50 WPM
* Familiarity with basic programming principles such as Functions
* Loops
* Types
* and Classes is helpful but not required
* No experience with Swift 2 or iOS 9 needed!


iOS 9 and Swift 2 developers are some of the highest paid coders throughout the planet right now. There couldn't be a better time to join the world of app development.

About this iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course

You are going to learn everything you need to know to be able to work professionally as a Jr. iOS 9 developer. Even if you aren't interested in a career change this course will give you the necessary skills to build and publish iPhone and iPad apps to the Apple App Store.

All concepts and apps built within this course are designed with careful purpose. You won't be learning some obscure concept just to learn that concept - you will learn the technologies and principles that actually matter when building professional applications.

You will learn Swift 2 and iOS 9.

Why Choose this iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course?

So many programming courses are built by people who are just looking to make a buck. They learn the coding skills literally right before they teach them! I am a professional iOS developer and have built 58 mobile apps to date with both Swift 2 and Objective-C. I also am a professional instructor at a coding bootcamp. I know what skills you will use in the industry (It is so important to learn Swift). I know how to help you learn. Most importantly, I am most interested in helping you change careers and/or increase your income.

Students I have helped have jumped from as little as $32,000 a year to $85,000 a year in a matter of months.

Other courses take you from A-Z teaching you each iOS concept one by one. This is not effective for retaining knowledge - information overload. This course will teach you iOS 9 and programming concepts in the order of importance - what potential employers are looking for and the core skills you need to make professional applications. Then you will test against those principles and build exercises to practice what you have learned. We will cover all of iOS 9 and Swift 2, but everything is prioritized for your benefit.

iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course Structure

You should watch the concepts and follow along building what we build in the videos. Then build the exercises and do the warmups on your own. If you really want to become a great iOS & Swift developer watch the concepts, and then do the exercises, warmups, and quizzes.


Warmups will help you learn how to think like a programmer and are more algorithmic based. It is important to keep training your brain.


This course will be treated as closely to an live in-person course as possible. After each core principle is taught you will be given real industry-standard interview questions, meaning questions that you would likely be asked in a iOS development job interview.


At the end of each core principle you will be given an exercise that you must build that demonstrates the skills you have just learned.

Testimonials for this iOS 9 & Swift 2 Course

"This course helped me to get my first job as an iOS Developer, I am really happy with it, it is the best course you can get if you want to switch careers and make cool stuff with Xcode and Swift. It really covers everything you need." - Rigoberto

"Mark has helped me learn several technologies. Not only he has wide array of technologies under his belt but also he has amazing teaching skills. Every class Mark taught, class material was covered step by step and with implementation. That really helped me understand what I was learning. Moreover, he is energetic and passionate about making learning process fun." - Amit Chaudhari

"It is obvious that he is passionate about teaching coding. He makes sometimes dry subjects very entertaining with his humor and overall teaching style. He never loses patience with students and takes the time to make sure you understand.
Mark also goes the extra mile with students. Whenever I would be stuck or in need of help on a project he would take time to help me. I was lucky he took the time to get to know me and assist in the understand subjects I had difficulty with." - Jacob Evans

"...More impressive is his ability to teach. He's patient, optimistic, and able to take complex ideas and teach them with examples and in ways that are digestible, energetic, and fun. He's taught bootcamps and mentored many developers that I know. As a teacher and mentor, I couldn't give anyone a higher recommendation. If you can enlist his tutelage, you're in good hands." - Jonathan Wood

"Mark is a smart, experienced, patient mentor, teacher and iOS Engineer. As I have gone from knowing nothing about iOS to full fledge iOS engineer Mark has been there every step of the way to both guide and encourage." - Pearson Basham creator of NoThyme iOS App

"He has this way of teaching that captivates your attention and makes all the ones and zeros come to life. Mark taught me that learning computer science doesn't have to be the way it was in college, simply put: boring, time-consuming, and overwhelming. He mentored me in the course materials and I am an even better developer today and I make a lot more money too, all because of the example Mark set and the individual time he spent with me.

Seriously, an hour spent with this man teaching you technical subjects will be worth 100 hours spent in another course or bootcamp taught by someone else" -
Erik Slack

Who this course is for:

  • The Swift 2 language portion of the course will emphasize core programming principles (learn programming through Swift) which may feel too slow for advanced programmers. All other iOS 9 concepts are taught for all skill levels.
  • This course is designed for people with little or no programming experience who are focused on changing careers, getting a promotion, or who desire to build iOS 9 & Swift 2 apps professionally. Existing programmers looking to become professional iOS developers will also find this course incredibly valuable. Though comprehensive, this course is structured to teach you practical iOS development skills that you will use on a regular basis in a career setting, so if you are looking to learn less common iOS 9 concepts then this course might not be for you.

Course content

18 sections • 180 lectures

Student Success Story Preview 01:27

See how taken this course changed one student's life

How to Run Mac on a PC Preview 04:26

Learn how to install Mac OSX on PC and where to get discount prices on Mac computers.


Apple Developer Account & Xcode Installation Preview 04:22

How to install Xcode on your computer

Increase & decrease Xcode font size dynamically Preview 02:38

By default Xcode doesn't create an easy to way to make the font size of your code bigger or smaller. Here you will learn how to configure Xcode 7 to do so.

Intro to iOS 9 App Preview 04:00

Intro to your very first iOS app

iOS 9 App: Your First App! Preview 19:27

  • IBOutlet
  • IBAction
  • UIImageView
  • UIButton

Student Orientation - Things you NEED to know Preview 00:00

Learn a few of the things that I wish I had known before I started learning how to code. These tips will save you a lot of frustration!

Learning Resources - Train Your Brain! Preview 02:55

Learn how to train your brain to think like a programmer

Intro to Swift 2 Preview 03:29

Get an overview of Swift 2.0 and why it is so important to use even over Objective-C

Swift 2 Variables & Constants Preview 10:24

Get an in depth overview of Swift 2 variables and constants in Xcode 7 and when and where to use them

Swift 2 Comments & Semi-Colons Preview 05:28

Learn foundational programming concepts such as comments and semicolons for Swift 2 and Xcode 7

Swift 2 Numbers & Type Safety Preview 14:31

Go in-depth on Swift Floats, Doubles, and Integers. Learn about the importance of type safety and how Swift 2 helps with that.

Exercise - Building an iOS App on Your Own Preview 00:48

Exercise - Variable Operations Preview 01:05

Terminal Basics Preview 11:17

  • Bash
  • Terminal
  • cd
  • ls
  • pwd
  • mkdir

Version Control Preview 08:51

Learn about how version control works and what the advantages of it are

Git Basics Preview 23:27

  • git add
  • git commit
  • git push
  • git pull

Working With Github Preview 16:39

Learn how to work with Github

Exercise - Pushing Your Project to Github Preview 00:27

Quiz 01

Warmup Preview 00:19

Swift 2 Conditionals (if / else) Part 1 Preview 11:39

  • Swift if statements
  • Swift else statements
  • Swift conditionals

Swift 2 Conditionals ( && || ) Part 2 Preview 09:21

  • Swift AND conditionals
  • Swift OR conditionals

Swift 2 Functions Preview 25:54

Learn how to create and use functions in Swift

Exercise - Functions Preview 00:25

iOS 9: Auto Layout Basics Preview 15:51

  • Xcode storyboards
  • iOS Autolayout
  • iOS Constraints
  • iOS Alignment

iOS 9: Auto Layout (Digging Deeper) Preview 26:49

Get more advanced and learned what REAL developers do when creating robust layouts

Exercise - Auto Layout Preview 00:12

Intro to iOS 9 App Preview 01:04

Intro to the tapper app

iOS 9 App: Tapper Preview 56:41

  • UIView
  • UIImageView
  • UITextField
  • IBOutlet
  • IBAction
  • Variables
  • Auto Layout / Constraints
  • Supporting different screen sizes

Exercise - Multiples App Preview 03:36

Quiz 02

Warmup Preview 00:15

Swift 2 Arrays Preview 19:20

Learn how to work with Swift Arrays

Swift 2 Loops Preview 30:40

  • Swift for loops
  • Swift for each loops
  • Swift while loops

Swift 2.2 Loops Update Preview 09:43

Exercise - Arrays & Loops Preview 00:24

iOS 9: Intro to Stack View Preview 39:36

Go in-depth on the new iOS 9 UIStackView. UIStackView will permanently change the way you work with layouts in iOS so pay close attention!

Exercise - Stack Views Preview 00:12

Intro to iOS 9 App Preview 01:36

  • UIView
  • UIImageView
  • UIButton
  • IBAction
  • IBOutlet
  • Functions
  • AVAudioPlayer
  • Auto Layout
  • UIStackView

iOS 9 App: Retro Calculator Part 1 Preview 47:41

  • IBOutlets
  • Swift functions
  • Swift variables
  • UIImageView
  • UIButton
  • Autolayout
  • UIStackView

iOS 9 App: Retro Calculator Part 2 Preview 01:00:43

  • IBOutlets
  • Swift functions
  • Swift variables
  • UIImageView
  • UIButton
  • Autolayout
  • UIStackView

Exercise - Enhancing our Calculator Preview 01:52

Quiz 03

Warmup - BooYa Preview 00:19

Swift 2 Dictionaries Preview 12:51

Learn how to work with Swift Dictionaries

Intro Object-Oriented Programming & Classes Preview 25:17

Learn foundational object-oriented programming concepts

  • Swift Class

Inheritance Preview 17:55

Learn foundational object-oriented programming concepts

  • Swift inheritance

Polymorphism Preview 11:42

Learn foundational object-oriented programming concepts

  • Swift polymorphism

Swift 2 Optionals Part 1 Preview 28:01

Intro to iOS 9 App Preview 01:35

iOS 9 App: Building a Simple APP With OOP Preview 01:00:19

  • Swift classes
  • IBOutlet
  • IBAction
  • Swift variables
  • UIImageView

Exercise - Build an App Using OOP Preview 00:41

Intro to iOS 9 App Preview 02:40

iOS 9 App: My Little Monster Part 1 Preview 29:35

  • Gestures (Dragging and Swiping)
  • UIView-based Animations
  • Objects & Classes

iOS 9 App: My Little Monster Part 2 Preview 24:22

  • Gestures (Dragging and Swiping)
  • UIView-based Animations
  • Timers
  • Objects & Classes
  • iOS Size Classes
  • UIStackView
  • Auto Layout
  • Custom UIImageView
  • For loops

iOS 9 App: My Little Monster Part 3 Preview 36:42

  • Frames & Rectangles
  • NSNotificationCenter
  • Selectors

iOS 9 App: My Little Monster Part 4 Preview 25:36

Exercise - Enhancing Your Gigapet Preview 00:32

Model View Controller (MVC) Preview 26:45

UIViewController Preview 12:39

Size Classes Part (Different Layouts for Screen Sizes) Preview 17:39

Exercise - Size Classes Preview 00:07

UITabBarController Preview 06:21

Storyboard Segues Preview 20:40

App: Building a No-Storyboard App (XIBs) Preview 20:40

  • XIBs
  • UIViewController
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • OOP

Exercise - No Storyboards Preview 00:20

Subclassing Views (Custom UIView) Preview 07:54

Intro to App Preview 02:27

App: Favorite Place Preview 21:15

Exercise - Your Own Favorite Place Preview 00:42

Swift 2 Enums Preview 14:27

Swift 2 Extensions Preview 05:42

UITableViewController Preview 15:39

WKWebView Preview 22:59

App: Ugly Stuff - Custom TableView and Custom Cells Preview 28:08

NSUserDefaults Preview 26:48

UINavigationController Preview 11:14

App: The Walking Dead (UIScrollView) Preview 30:33

Intro to App Preview 02:05

App: MyHood Part 1 Preview 42:12

App: MyHood Part 2 Preview 20:36

App: MyHood Part 3 Preview 52:28

Intro to App Preview 01:44

App: Recipez Part 1 (Core Data) Preview 31:20

App: Recipez Part 2 (Core Data) Preview 27:45

Student Showcase Preview 01:33

Exercise - Favorite Movies Preview 01:12

DevCamp iOS 9 App: Creating the project Preview 07:46

Lets set up our iOS 9 & Swift 2 MapKit project

DevCamp iOS 9 App: Working with user location Preview 09:53

Learn how to work with a user's location and how to display it on the map view with iOS 9 and Swift 2

DevCamp iOS 9 App: Zooming in on the map Preview 07:40

By default maps are often zoomed out very far. Learn how to work with regions and coordinates to create a region that is more zoomed in on iOS 9 and Swift 2

DevCamp iOS 9 App: Annotations & Geocoding Preview 19:25

Learn how to create a custom annotation and also learn how to take string addresses and geocode them into longitude and latitude coordinates on your iOS 9 and Swift 2 apps.

How Web Requests Work Preview 17:51

  • HTTP Requests
  • REST
  • APIs
  • API Documentation

Working with POSTMAN Preview 06:22

Web Requests (NSURLSession) Preview 14:14

**Important Update For Next Lecture** Preview 00:37

Cocoapods Preview 14:21

JSON Preview 25:24

Intro to Cognitive Services Preview 08:45

Signing Up & API Keys Preview 02:03

Setting Up A Server With Images Preview 04:59

Creating the UI Preview 13:49

Implementing the Collection View Preview 07:39

Downloading Images from the Server Preview 13:29

Working with UIImagePicker Preview 09:03

Understanding Microsoft Cognitive API Docs Preview 04:50

Implementing the Microsoft Cognitive iOS SDK Preview 07:10

Using the Microsoft Cognitive Face Detect API Preview 17:19

Selecting the Image to Detect Preview 17:46

Verifying Results with Microsoft Cognitive Face API Preview 19:36

Missing Persons Exercise & Source Code Preview 00:01

Intro to App: Pokemon Pokedex Preview 01:27

App: Pokedex Part 1 - Project Setup, Images, Data, Github Preview 09:55

App: Pokedex Part 2 - Creating a Pokemon Class Preview 04:45

App: Pokedex Part 3 - UICollectionView, Storyboard Layout Preview 13:15

App: Pokedex Part 4 - Custom UICollectionViewCell Preview 06:35

App: Pokedex Part 5 - UICollectionViewDelegate, Data Source, Flow Layout Preview 18:09

App: Pokedex Part 6 - Parsing CSV Files Preview 15:59

App: Pokedex Part 7 - Audio & Custom Font Preview 13:38

App: Pokedex Part 8 - UISearchBar, Search Filtering Preview 19:06

App: Pokedex Part 9 - Detail View Controller & Segue Preview 15:59

App: Pokedex Part 10 - UIStackView & The Detail View Controller Preview 30:41

App: Pokedex Part 11 - IBOutlets Detail View Controller, Updating Class Preview 05:42

App: Pokedex Part 12 - The API, Github, Cocoapods, Alamofire Preview 06:58

App: Pokedex Part 13 - Downloading & Parsing Data Preview 38:35

App: Pokedex Part 14 - Completing the App Preview 54:23

Exercise - Weather App Preview 00:26

Weather App Solution Preview 00:06

A solution to the iOS 9 weather app

Intro to App Preview 02:24

Overview of building an iOS 9 Swift app with Xcode 7 and Firebase

App: Showcase Part 1 - Firebase Overview Preview 08:21

  • Overview of Firebase
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 2 - Firebase Auth Config Preview 11:00

  • Creating Accounts
  • API Keys
  • Firebase Installation
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 3 - Login User Interface Preview 41:14

Login screen UI for Swift iOS 9 and Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 4 - Facebook Login Preview 32:04

Firebase Facebook login for Swift iOS 9 and Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 5 - Email/Password Login Preview 37:49

Email login with Firebase for Swift iOS 9 and Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 6 - Post TableViewCell UI Preview 30:57

  • Creating custom UITableViewCell
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 7 - How Firebase Works Preview 16:22

  • Firebase
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 8 - Creating Firebase Users Preview 14:59

  • Create Firebase Users
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 9 - Syncing Data From Firebase Preview 09:41

  • Sync data between device and Firebase
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 10 - Parsing Firebase Data Preview 19:50

  • Learn to parse Firebase data
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 11 - Display Data - Image Caching/Downloading Preview 33:42

  • Image Caching
  • Image Downloading
  • Alamofire / HTTP Requests
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 12 - Make Post UI Preview 20:52

  • Build UI for the post screen
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7


Image Shack is no longer free. USE THE API KEY INSIDE OF THIS LECTURE

App: Showcase Part 13 - Uploading Images to Server Preview 31:31

  • Uploading images to ImageShack
  • GET Requests
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 14 - Saving Posts to Firebase Preview 21:51

  • Saving posts to Firebase
  • Swift
  • iOS 9
  • Xcode 7

App: Showcase Part 15 - Like Feature (Firebase Relationships) Preview 34:32

Firebase 2 Showcase App Tutorial Preview 59:35

Learn how to get the finished Showcase App working with Firebase 2

Exercise - Expanding Your Social Network App Preview 03:59

Creating an App Icon Preview 16:25

How to create app icons for the Apple App Store with Xcode 7, Swift, and iOS 9

Creating another app icon in Photoshop Preview 13:18

Master your Photoshop skills even if you suck at design. I'll teach you how to create a simple app icon and how to export it.

Working with @1x @2x & @3x images Preview 14:30

Learn how to design images for multiple iPhone and iPad screen sizes. Learn how to use @1x @2x and @3x for your iOS 9 and Swift 2 apps.

Paid Apple Developer Account Preview 04:20

How to register as a paid Apple developer for iOS 9 and Swift

Development Certificates Preview 14:12

How to create development certificates with Swift iOS 9 and Xcode 7

Development Profiles Preview 23:02

How to create provisioning profiles with Swift iOS 9 and Xcode 7

Creating App Store Screenshots Preview 08:01

How to create screenshots for iOS 9 and Swift with Xcode 7

Submitting your App!! Preview 31:43

iOS 9 Swift App Store Submission

Exercise - Submit Your App To The App Store!!!! Preview 00:02

Debugging a screen that isn't showing data Preview 11:23

In this lecture we solve an iOS 9 issue with Xcode 7 breakpoints. We also take certain steps to track down where the problem is.

Xcode 7.3 & Swift 2.2 Important Updates Preview 09:43

Learn about the very important Xcode and Swift updates that will affect your code

iOS 9 3D Touch App Shortcuts Preview 25:07

Learn how to use iOS 9 new 3D Touch for Application Shortcuts for iPhone 6S using Swift 2

Swift & Objective-C in the same project Preview 11:14

Learn about Swift and Objective-C interoperability. We show you how to use Swift in an Objective-C Xcode project and how to use Objective-C in a Swift Xcode project

Mastering LinkedIn Preview 22:59

Resumes for Programmers Preview 14:48

Working With Recruiters Preview 18:45

iOS 9 Interview Questions Preview 29:05

Watch me answer common iOS questions as I might actually answer them in an interview for an iOS developer job. Questions cover iOS, Object Oriented Programming, and Swift

Intro to Web Series Preview 02:19

01 - Project Kickoff Preview 28:12

02 - Week 1 Standup - Design Review Preview 01:01:36

03 - Firebase iOS Setup Preview 53:17

04 - Firebase iOS Setup Part 2 Preview 03:39

05 - Fixing a Merge Conflict Preview 34:52

06 - Using SpriteKit & UIKit in the same project Preview 07:49

07 - Sprint 1 Review Preview 01:14:48

We review our first week sprint. A lot of amazing things got done.

Sprint 2 Week 1 Review Preview 01:24:35

Sprint 2 Review Preview 33:12

Firebase Data Model (Super good stuff in here!) Preview 01:29:13

Mark Does Code Review with Jack Preview 13:12

Sprint 3 Week 1 - Best meetup yet! Preview 01:01:39

Sprint 3 Review Preview 52:07

What to do after this course Preview 00:25