Stata Level 1 Fundamentals Of Data Analysis

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Stata for complete beginners - All the basics for using Stata in quantitative data analysis

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.6

- Perform simple descriptive and quantitative analysis in Stata
- Manage quantitative information
- variables
- and data types in Stata.
- Manipulate database structures and survey information in Stata

What you'll learn

Perform simple descriptive and quantitative analysis in Stata
Manage quantitative information
and data types in Stata.
Manipulate database structures and survey information in Stata

* Requirements

* No previous knowledge in Stata required
* No experience in quantitative analysis required
* Only requires Stata 13 or above to be installed


In this introductory course, you will learn how to use Stata for data analysis. You will learn how to manipulate and create databases, manage variables and information, construct datasets from several data sources , perform simple quantitative data analysis, reproduce your work for further analysis using do-files and solve common quantitative problems found in real world scenarios in data management. The course follows a goal-oriented approach. Each lesson is oriented to solve a common problem or challenge you may find in your work or research with quantitative data. The course uses real - world exercises   to check your understanding and lessons are short to encourage your learning and commitment. The course doesn't examine statistical methods (regression analysis, logistic regression, ANOVA , etc).

Who this course is for:

  • Students with no previous knowledge in Stata software.
  • Researchers without previous experience in quantitative analysis
  • Professionals interested in careers in data analysis using Stata (public policy workers, economics, marketers, supply chain managers etc.)

Course content

8 sections • 49 lectures

Welcome to the course Preview 02:01

Welcome to the course Stata Level 1 Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Goal 1: Why use Stata? Preview 02:34

In this first lesson, we will review why should we learn Stata

Course Methodology Preview 01:19

Goal 2: Where do I start? Preview 01:41

Stata windows and menus Preview 04:22

Data editor and browse Preview 03:24

Help and search Preview 04:07

Establishing working directory Preview 03:39

Preparing for work in Stata

In this first quiz, we will review some important concepts from previous lessons.

Goal 3: How to import data in Stata? Preview 01:04

Importing text files Preview 02:20

Importing csv and Excel files Preview 03:13

Importing stata databases Preview 02:50

Udemy doesn't allow to upload .dta Stata files directly to its platform. Please, review this lesson and, after seeing the lessons of loading .txt and Excel databases, save the course database with the name Course_database in your computer.

Clearing the workspace Preview 04:28

Loading new data in Stata

Goal 4: Why keep track of your work in Stata Preview 01:27

Using Do files Preview 04:26

Comments and Do Files Preview 06:33

Advices for Do File organization Preview 04:34

Log files and outputs Preview 07:13

Keeping track on your work and calculations: Do and Log Files

Goal 5: ¿Why do I want to to alter my dataset? Preview 01:11

Creating new variables: gen Preview 03:12

Renaming variables: rename Preview 02:58

Labeling variables and values: label Preview 07:05

Deleting variables: drop Preview 02:03

Observations without data: missing values Preview 04:29

Replacing values: replace Preview 02:26

Logic operators: if, and, or Preview 07:00

Managing and manipulating datasets

Goal 6: How to analyze my data? Preview 01:25

Understanding my data: types of variables Preview 04:54

Descriptive statistics: summarize Preview 06:53

Comparing categories: tabulate Preview 05:16

Recoding variables Preview 05:52

Calculate results: egen Preview 04:15

Obtaining calculations by groups: by and bysort Preview 05:51

Transforming types of variables: from int to string and string to int Preview 06:03

Obtaining information from text: concat and substring Preview 06:50

Solving data analysis questions with Stata

Goal 7: Why do I need to join databases? Preview 07:11

Adding new observations: append Preview 06:44

Adding new variables: merge Preview 08:44

Obtaining groups of information: collapse Preview 05:59

Changing the order: reshape Preview 06:59

Creating and joining databases