Transcription Skills

Master the Skills Needed to Professionally Transcribe Any Audio File Accurately and in Less Time

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.5

- Professionally transcribe and edit audio transcripts
- Use text expanders and keyboard shortcuts to rapidly increase your transcription speed
- Timestamp transcripts
- track multiple speakers
- and work with poor audio

What you'll learn

Professionally transcribe and edit audio transcripts
Use text expanders and keyboard shortcuts to rapidly increase your transcription speed
Timestamp transcripts
track multiple speakers
and work with poor audio
Use correct grammar and punctuation in your transcripts
Have the skills and confidence needed to get paid for transcription work

* Requirements

* Headphones ($10 earbuds will work)
* Free version of Express Scribe
* Microsoft Word


The demand for knowing how to professionally transcribe audio files continues to grow in this content-driven world. In Transcription Skills you’ll learn the skills, shortcuts, and practice techniques you need to use so that you can produce quality transcripts and grow your career as a transcriptionist or  to transcribe personal projects.  You’ll go from being a beginning transcriptionist to one who’s confident in your ability to accurately transcribe files in the least amount of time.

This comprehensive course is designed to help you:

  • Work with audio players like Express Scribe to reduce the time spent controlling your audio
  • Transcribe an audio file from start to finish with minimal mistakes
  • Master grammar and punctuation so you can type what is being said with accuracy, even if the speaker isn’t using accurate grammar
  • Increase your productivity through text expanders, hotkeys, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Learn advanced techniques such as working with files with more than two speakers or timestamping
  • Practice cleaning up bad audio so that it’s easier to work with
  • Gain hands-on experience by transcribing practice files that correspond to a specific transcription skill

Produce professional transcripts faster

Transcription may seem easy. You just type out what is being said. Yet it's easier said than done. If you type out a file with the wrong software and you don’t use any keyboard shortcuts, you’ll get very frustrated and take far longer than you should. Plus, if you don’t use the right techniques, formatting, and grammar, your transcript will be riddled with mistakes.

To succeed at transcription, you need to know how to produce professional-level transcripts that people are willing to pay for in and do so in an efficient manner. You also need to master not only simple transcription skills, but harder skills such as cleaning up bad audio, tracking more than two speakers, and timestamping a file. While these skills are more challenging to learn, they  also increase the type of jobs you can take on and the amount you can earn. 

Course overview

Transcription Skills will teach you everything you need to know to master transcription and create professional transcripts in as little time as possible. This course has 20 screencast video lessons to take you through beginning to advanced transcription skills. You’ll also have access to audio projects, grammar resources, practice tests, and a sample text expander list.

The tutorials in this course will cover:

  • Working with Express Scribe
  • Transcribing, editing, and proofing a transcription file
  • Using correct spelling and grammar, including bonus grammar and capitalization guides
  • Increasing your productivity with text expanders, plus a 500-word list of text expanders to start working with
  • Cleaning up hard to hear audio
  • Advanced techniques such as timestamping a file and tracking speakers in a multiple-speaker file
  • Productivity shortcuts to use in Word and on your computer for both PC and Mac computers

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and confidence needed to be a professional subcontractor for transcription companies or offer transcription services to your own clients.  

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in learning transcription to start a career or for personal or professional projects
  • Students who are currently transcriptionists who want to transcribe faster and learn advanced transcription skills like tracking speakers, timestamping, and working with poor audio

Course content

15 sections • 30 lectures

Introduction to Express Scribe Preview 01:58

Setting Up Express Scribe Preview 08:29

Express Scribe Preferences Menu Preview 06:05

Audio Players Test

Using Templates Preview 03:29

Setting up AutoCorrect as Text Expander (Mac version) Preview 03:25

Setting Up AutoCorrect on a PC Preview 01:18

Transcribing The Audio File Preview 04:57

Researching Spelling and Other Terms Preview 07:05

Proofing to Audio Preview 06:58

Using the Grammar Resources Preview 02:53

Spelling and Grammar Practice Test

Test your grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills in this test.

How to Use Text Expanders Preview 03:54

Using Text Expanders with Verbs Preview 02:24

Paid text expanding programs Preview 02:19

Using the Ultimate Text Expander List Preview 05:00

Working with Poor Audio Preview 03:55

Express Scribe's Special Audio Processes Preview 05:56

Setting up Timestamps in Express Scribe Preview 02:53

Working with Timestamps Preview 02:56

Word & Computer Shortcuts Preview 00:58

Express Scribe Shortcuts Preview 01:03