Ceo Level Presentation

Learn presentation skills from former strategy consultant, create slides meeting the standards of top consulting firms

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- Create slide presentations
- meeting standards of top management consulting firms
- Write a storyline for your presentation
- effectively bringing your message across
- Create structure in your presentation using tracker elements and other established tools

What you'll learn

Create slide presentations
meeting standards of top management consulting firms
Write a storyline for your presentation
effectively bringing your message across
Create structure in your presentation using tracker elements and other established tools
Visualize your data in an effective way with charts and diagrams
Improve your slide writing speed by understanding the application of slide blueprints
Master the most important and practical keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

* Requirements

* This course is run with PowerPoint
* though any other presentation program works as well
* Basic understanding of how the presentation program of your choice works
* Be ready to learn a great amount of awesome new skills


Welcome to this presentation course that will teach you all presentation skills you need to create top management-level slide presentations! There are a couple of other course options on this topic out there, but this is without a doubt the most effective and comprehensive course on the market. This is why:

  • Teacher was Project Lead at MBB consulting firm (strategy consulting firm) with 4+ years of experience and 1,000+ created slides 

  • I have slide writing teaching experience within my consulting firm but also teaching students in business schools

  • Slide templates, including tables, charts, structure pages and much more

  • Comprehensive slide writing skills covered from storyline to structuring details

  • Constantly updated with new material and examples

  • Does not require any specific presentation program - you choose your tool that best fits your workflow

I want you to stay focused, this course covers slide writing concepts and teaches you all the necessary presentation skills to create slide presentations like top management consultants. It will not focus on the specifics of how to use a presentation program.

Did you ever wanted to create slide presentations like a top strategy consultant? No matter if you are a young consultant, an entrepreneur or a business school student who wants to improve his slide writing skills, I will teach you the ins and outs of creating professional top management presentations.

These are some of the topics that we will cover:

  • Create compelling storylines that will win your audience

  • Structure your presentations in an intuitive way

  • Visualize data analyses with the right charts

  • Use consistency as a presentation principle

  • Increase production speed with slide blueprints

  • Learn the creation workflow and valuable design tips

I am very much looking forward to teaching you these exciting presentation skills in my course. Welcome on board!

Who this course is for:

  • Employees of any industry that need to create management-level presentations for their leadership
  • Consultants that want to polish their slide writing skills and learn from top management consulting firms
  • Business students eager to improve their presentation skills for better course grades or interview training

Course content

9 sections • 51 lectures

May I introduce myself Preview 02:05

Course introduction Preview 05:36

Course syllabus Preview 04:05

You will learn to build this Preview 08:50

First thing to get started Preview 02:17

Fix your text boxes Preview 07:30

Which presentation program to use Preview 03:59

Note on Slides vs. Pages Preview 00:30

Learning objectives Preview 00:26

Introduction to storyline creation Preview 03:18

Top-down communication applying the pyramid principle Preview 08:46

Situation-Complication-Solution framework for storylines Preview 04:03

Action titles and why they matter Preview 04:37

EXERCISE: Create an action title for this slide Preview 06:08

Creating a vertical to flesh out your storyline Preview 03:11

Questions on creation of storylines

Check your understanding of the "Create compelling storylines" section.

Learning objectives Preview 00:25

Introduction to presentation structuring Preview 01:25

Write effective Executive Summaries Preview 05:37

MECE principle Preview 05:04

EXERCISE: Are these structures MECE? Preview 04:53

Overview pages and double-click logic Preview 07:24

Chapter trackers Preview 01:35

Questions on presentation structuring

Check your understanding of the "Structure your presentations" section.

Learning objectives Preview 00:26

Introduction to data visualization Preview 01:10

Choosing the right chart type for your data Preview 06:59

Make your chart speak for itself Preview 07:56

Data visualization plug-ins Preview 02:20

Questions on data visualization

Check your understanding of the "Effective data visualization" section.

Learning objectives Preview 00:17

Introduction to presentation consistency Preview Processing..

Using parallel grammar and structures Preview 06:18

Key consistency checks Preview 09:01

Questions on presentation consistency

Check your understanding of the "Consistency as presentation principle" section.

Learning objectives Preview 00:26

Introduction to slide blueprints Preview 01:52

Do's and don't of slide creation Preview 12:06

Key principle: Every page is a table Preview 04:37

More complex slide blueprints Preview 06:38

Questions on slide blueprints

Check your understanding of the "Increase production speed with slide blueprints" section.

Learning objectives Preview 00:23

Best practices for "Master management" Preview 06:22

Most relevant shortcuts in PowerPoint Preview 12:14

Alignment of elements Preview 10:07

Stickers, qualifiers and more Preview 12:48

Questions on workflow and tips

Check your understanding of the "Workflow and other valuable tips" section.

Keep Learning with this additional Resource Preview 01:39

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Slide Templates Preview 00:27

Thank you and feedback Preview 01:09

Bonus Lecture: Course promotions Preview 00:21